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How I’m learning python.

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As object-orientated programmers we like to think that we can pick up a new o-o language and run with it. And this is mostly true. However this can lead us to play with a language for 10 minutes with no direction and proclaim ourselves experts in the langauge. This I have a problem with. Such an exercise just handles very simple situations and doesn’t let us get familar with the quirks and features that makes a language unique.

The only way to do this is by playing around with a language but to have direction – to have a problem to solve. For python I’ve found a great domain to play in – XBMC plugins. I’ve mentioned XBMC before but one great thing about it is its support for plugins through python.

So what type of plugin should you make? Well the obvious one – a plugin to grab videos off sites and play them in XBMC. Why? well because there a heaps of examples to play around with yet a lot of sites are unique enough to not make it simply a copy and paste job.

I’ve decided to make one to view videos from the ABC Australia website – I’ll post updates on how the progress goes.


Written by Chris McGrath

April 30, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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